A simple SEO Activity for Youth!

Introduction for Educators

  1. What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of a website. Learn more here: on wikipedia.

  2. What is Thimble?

    Thimble is an online tool that makes it simple to create your own web pages. Students can write and edit HTML and CSS right in the browser and instantly preview and publish their work.

Doing the Activity:

  1. Google Search

    In small groups on individually, ask students to find a search query that has no results on google. If they are struggling, suggest making up a nonsense word or using a phrase and placing it in quotes. Example: "Fobbledome" or "unicorn pancake phone". Get a few examples from students and have them vote on their favorite.

    Build a Webpage on Thimble

    Now that they have a word/phrase that doesn't yet exist on the internet, each group will use Thimble to publish a simple webpage about this topic. Great way for students to be creative and invent narrative around the topic. Students should have some previous experience using Thimble or HTML. Give a time limit (5-10 minutes).
  2. Introduce SEO techniques

    After publishing their thimble pages, have students try the search again. It should still have no results. Ask them to guess why. This should lead to a short lesson on SEO techniques: metadata, keywords, linking, crawling - etc. [this needs to be built out]
  3. Students experiment with SEO

    Give students 10-15mins to try out some of the techniques on their thimble sites.

    Check back once a week and see whose website is on top