my wegpage is now available to the whole world!

How does it work?

my grandma takes her ipad, and types it the URL (this take ages!)

step 1

the browser in the ipad look at the url and picks out this part:

this is the domain name. you can think of it like the name of a town, like "london" or "salzburg", "bordeaux"

step 2

my ipad asks the "dns system" to tell it what the number behind the name is. the answer is

this number is something like the post code of a town, like 33000 (forbordeaux) or 5020 (for salzburg). the code is used only for technical stuff

intresting fact: grandma's ipad also has an ip-address like this. it might be

step 3

the browser sends out one "packet" across the internet. it's a bit like a postcard, with the IP-Address as the address, and a request "please give me the webpage as the message on the card.

picture heere: from, to, message

step 4

the packet ("postcard") travels across the internet, from one computer to the next, across copper cables and fiber optic cables and maybe a sattelite

zoom in here for more details of transmission

add images from

step 5

finally the postcard reaches the right computer. (after about 100 milliseconds). on that compter there's a software called "the webserver". it reads the request and looks in it's files and folders to find the page.

it sends a reponse with the actual page (with all the html-codes in it) back on a return postcard:

picture here of another postcard

side note: if the page is too big for one card, there might several