Smoking is Bad. Support the NYC bill!

Meow. You heard me. MEOW.

Smoking slowly kills your life, your brain, your lungs, your children, your spouse and.....YOUR CAT. DO YOU WANT TO KILL YOUR CAT!?!?!?!? HEARTLESS PEOPLE HEARTLESS I SAY! So... you must support the bill that proposes that people can only buy cigarettes at 21, instead of 18! Do it for the 20,000 smoking high schoolers in NYC! Do it for the countless innocent children who shall die a painful slow death from secondhand smoking. And...DO IT FOR YOUR POOR FLUFFY FAT CAT WHO REALLY HATES YOU RIGHT NOW FOR SMOKING.

Statistics show that 2/3s of smokers age 14 to 17 will stop smoking with the passage of this revolutionary bill. 55% of smokers age 18 to 20 will be deterred from smoking after this bill is passed. 80% of smokers start smoking before the age of 20. Also, at age 20, many smokers are shown to become formally addicted. Support this bill today, and feel the relief of saving your cat! You shall be REDEEMED!!!!