My 15 favorite books.

  1. "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card
  2. "Animal Farm" by George Orwell
  3. "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling
  4. "Coraline" by Neil Gaiman
  5. "Yurtle the Turtle" by Dr. Seuss
  6. "Homestuck" by Andrew Hussie
  7. "Artemis Fowl" series by Eoin Colfer
  8. "Percy Jackson" series by Rick Riordan.
  9. "The 13½ Lives of Captain Bluebear" by Walter Moers
  10. "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket
  11. "Jam" by Yahtzee Croshaw
  12. "The Name of This Book is Secret" by Pseudonymous Bosch
  13. "The Westing Game" by Ellen Raskin
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