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Maker Cards

Remixing and sharing drawing games with Thimble


In this Maker Cards Hacktivity Kit, participants will hack and remix a drawing game to create new prompts and wacky drawings that they will learn to embed on a webpage using Thimble and HTML.

The National Writing Project (NWP) has developed this hacktivity kit to build off of its game-based hack jams which help educators and webmakers imagine, implement, and iterate participatory learning opportunities for kids. By combining games, code, and remix, the NWP aims to #teachtheweb and bring maker and webmaker pedagogies to educators and children in all kinds of learning spaces.


Beginning with a drawing game like Whatchamadrawit allows participants to build material metaphors for remix and webmaking before they learn to code. Webmaking novices benefit from making remix and coding concepts concrete before beginning work in HTML.

Thimble supports novice webmakers with helpfully annotated HTML code, easy debugging, and imemediate feedback about what happens to webpages as we make changes in their code.

Let’s start playing. The best way to understand remix is to begin hacking something familiar and fun. The best way to understand HTML is to noodle around with easily readable bits of code that produce noticeable and logical changes on webpages when edited.


  1. Pick a space with plenty of room for groups of 4-5 participants each to play drawing games at tables or in other, comfortable spaces with good surfaces for drawing.

  2. Secure wifi access for your space.

  3. Decide on a hashtag for your event or organization.

  4. Make sure participants can bring their own computers and smartphones or cameras. Have back-ups ready for participants who cannot do so.

  5. Encourage participants to create accounts for hosting photos online before attending. Have an event or organizational account ready for participants who do not have photo sharing services or who do not want them.

  6. Set up a table for each group with a drawing game, drawing supplies, and any other crafting supplies you want to use for your event. Be sure that each table has easy access to power.

  7. Make space for anything you want to present for for any ice-breaker activities you want to add to your event.

  8. Set up and staff a welcome area and table to greet participants, orient them to the space, and help them get set up.

  9. Go for it!

Note: The purpose of this kit is to help you teach remix, basic HTML, and sharing work in the open in a fun and purposeful way.

A flying frog inspired by Whatchamadrawit

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Here are some Crash Courses and handy guides provided by Mozilla:

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