Hey Unnati!!!

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Here is your Next task , can you solve this picture puzzle ?

Below you can find six links , each takes you to different pieces of the puzzle. You need to put the url ( you can get this on the address bar , where you are viewing a puzzle picture ) of these pieces in right places to solve this picture puzzle :)

Note: Don't simply make a click on the hyper links (Blue colored text). Please , right click on those blue words and select open in a new tab option as it will be easier for you to work.

Piece No.1 - Click Here
Piece No.2 - Click Here
Piece No.3 - Click Here
Piece No.4 - Click Here
Piece No.5 - Click Here
Piece No.6 - Click Here
Piece No.7 - Click Here
Piece No.8 - Click Here
Piece No.9 - Click Here

Here is the clue

To start the game (putting the url's in their appropriate positions) :

Click Here